Restore Opportunity Now is a newly launched campaign to bring together human services organizations from across New York State to call for increased investment and systems changes needed to ensure nonprofits can continue to effectively serve communities in New York State.

The campaign recognizes that while the breadth of services provided by the sector varies tremendously, the misalignment of resources and expectations is a common thread.  As poverty and rising inequality suggest, need is going unmet in communities. To address this, programs must be fully funded to cover the true cost and must support an adequately compensated workforce.  These crucial investments will allow human services providers to continue to deliver essential services efficiently and effectively, and to recruit and retain qualified staff.

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Coalition Members and Advisory Committee

Campaign Priorities

Report: Voices of New York’s Human Services Sector

Press Release

For more information, please contact Mallory Nugent at restoreopportunity@gmail.com or (212) 801-1341